Filed Under (Updates) by Ryan Christiansen on 02-16-2009

The next major revision to the framework core is now available for download. Release 0.70 provides significant enhancements in three key areas:

  • GUI Support
  • Test Automation
  • Automated Builds and Continuous Integration

GUI Test Runner

Although a forthcoming enhanced UI was detailed in the framework roadmap, community feedback indicated that a GUI was critical, even in the earliest development stages. I had admittedly focused more on the NUnit feature set, rather than front-end usability. Not surprisingly, certain aspects of a .NET approach stifled the strengths of the Flash environment making GUI development cumbersome at best. This release addressed several of these limitations.

The SimpleTestRunner was designed for use with automated testing where visual feedback is useful but little interactivity is required.

A more advanced testing interface, such as the FlexUnit GUI shown here, is actively underway.

Continuous Integration Support for TeamCity

On of the most exciting aspects of Release 0.70 is that the build was fully automated start to finish. That means that the SVN checkout, ANT builds, FUnit testing with results, and final zipped distributions were all done automatically by my TeamCity build server.

FUnit Tests in TeamCity

It is important to note that TeamCity is not just running the tests, it is ingesting live data and displays detailed information about test results and failures as they occur. Click here to have a closer look.

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